December 12, 2013

Join the Niborista Revolution: ARTnews is looking for interns! 

The distinctive ARTnews internship/mentorship program is directed by executive editor Robin Cembalest (me—aka Nibor, my alter ego as director of the gallery club for youth-arts-development nonprofit Cre8tive YouTH*ink).

This is a hands-on internship for students and recent college graduates who are interested in the intersection of art, journalism, and social media; who love galleries and museums and also Twitter and Instagram; who are interested in exploring the ways that information about the world of art is created, distributed, and shared. 

The interns work directly with me on the web exclusives we post on, helping with the concept, the photo research, the Wordpress draft, and the dissemination of the story in social media. Interns are required to maintain professional Twitter feeds and encouraged to have blogs.

Along the way, we tour museums, galleries, museums, and public art, meeting with professionals who offer inspiration and guidance about career options. 

From top: at the Kusama show at Zwirner; shooting Pollock at MoMA; with the Met’s social networking team on the roof; at the Jay-Z performance; with Kara Walker; with Loren Munk; with the New Museum’s Gabriel Einsohn; with Bronx Museum director Holly block; with Patrick of Faile.  

Find out more by searching the #niborista hashtag on instagram. 

Here’s info on how to apply for the internship. Pass it on! 

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